BC Hydro

Project Details

Designed, supplied and installed prefabricated pre-painted fire mains piping to replace 40-year old headers originally welded in place, deteriorated by corrosion. Replaced old vertical turbine fire pumps with horizontal split-case units, supplied new pump controllers, header pressure controls and isolation valves, and transformer deluge valves. Safely removed and disposed of obsolete materials containing paint and asbestos gaskets. Organized and implemented mitigation measures to reduce fire risks and to minimize the duration of impairments during systems installation. Planned and scheduled the system replacements to minimize fire protection outages. Upon completion, this project was a VRCA Award Winning Project for Gisborne.

Designed, Supplied and install Prefabricated pre-painted fire mains piping.

  • Client BC Hydro
  • Location Hudson's Hope, BC
  • Duration 11 Months