The Construction of Quality Projects

Gisborne recognizes that quality is an integral part of project management and must be addressed during all phases of the project from initial concept through design, procurement, construction and start up. The Gisborne Group will ensure that all items supplied or constructed by Gisborne or that of its subcontractors, will meet or exceed the project quality requirements. The successful implementation of all quality control policies and procedures lies in the capabilities and experience of Gisborne’s management team and craftspeople dedicated to achieving a common goal – the construction of quality projects.


• Technical Safety BC (TSBC) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Work | License Number: LBP0000625
• Technical Safety BC (TSBC) Gas Contractor under | License Number: LGA0003164
• The Alberta Boilers Safety Association  (ABSA) Pressure Equipment Safety Authority | License Number: AQP-2444
• Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) Ontario | License Number: AQP-2444
• Digital Government and Service Newfoundland Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Compressed Gas Work | License Number: NLQP 501

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