Cavendish Farms

Project Details

Gisborne was awarded the partial structural and process piping contract for the construction of a potato processing plant for Cavendish Farms, a subsidiary of J.D. Irving and run by EllisDon Construction Services.  The site is located within the city limits of Lethbridge, AB about 200km South-East of Calgary.  Lethbridge County produces ideal potatoes to feed this plant but is also plagued with some of the highest winds in North America forcing some creative solutions during installation.

Scope: The scope of work included structural and process piping. The majority of the equipment installed was 38 modular racks that were pre-loaded with spools to be installed into the building. Each rack was 40' long and ranged from 5000-1000lb depending on spooling. The modular sections all had several branch lines and off-mod spools that required an array of hangers to be place on coordinates up in the ceiling. The piping scope encompassed over 22,000 feet of pipe spanning carbon steel and stainless steel. The structural scope had Gisborne hanging over 100 tonnes of steel.

  • Client EllisDon Construction Services
    for Cavendish Farms
  • Location SW Alberta