Coastland Lathe Line Project

Project Details

Coastland Wood Industries, located on Vancouver Island, at 942 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo, B.C., awarded Gisborne the contract to install portions of Coastland’s new third veneer production line. The installation of the new in-feed and out-feed transfers made up the majority of this work, but Gisborne also was asked to assist with the installation of the Lathe and Charger System that was a separate supply and install contract by the Japanese vendor. In addition to this work, Gisborne also was given the task to modify portions of existing equipment to allow integration of the new third line with the two existing production lines.

Scope: veneer production line, in-feed and out-feed transfers, Lathe and Charger System, modify portions of existing equipment.

  • Client Coastland Wood Industries Ltd.
  • Location Vancouver Island
  • Duration 3 Months