Nyrstar Myra Falls Mine

Project Details

Gisborne was awarded the mechanical, piping and a small portion of the electrical contracts involved in the restart of the Nyrstar Myra Falls Zinc Mine. It is located in the center of Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, approximately 90 km SW of Campbell River.

Scope: The scope of work included both new and refurbished piping, mechanical and some electrical.  It also included the removal, rebuild and reinstallation of 2 Cone Crushers; refurbishment of a ball and a rod mill; the refurbishment and repair of approximately 100 pumps; replacement and repair of all piping systems; repair and refurbishment of the conveyors; clean-out and repair of thickener, floatation and filtration tanks; and refurbishment of the administration offices.  Due to the high level of airborne metals; all scopes of work are completed using an intense exposure control plan, inclusive of full-time filtered breathing apparatuses for all workers, full body coveralls and decontamination facilities.

  • Client Nyrstar Myra Falls Mine
  • Location Strathcona Park, BC
  • Duration 7 Months