White Mountain (qaqortorsuaq) - Hudson Resources

Project Details

In collaboration with Iron Clad Metals, Gisborne was awarded the installation of an Anorthosite (calcium feldspar) mine in Greenland.  The only larger anorthosite occurrence other than this one is on the moon.  The White Mountain (Qaqortorsuaq) Mine is located on the central west coast of Greenland and is only accessible by boat or helicopter.  The process of mining anorthosite is done using no chemicals just grinding and separation.  There is an international airport 80 km away from the site and the site includes a deep water port that is Frozen during the winter months.

Scope: Gisborne provided skilled manpower and supervision to oversee and complete the installation of a processing plant inclusive of grinding circuits, conveyors, magnetic separators, storage facilities and a boat load out.

  • Client Hudson Resources Inc
  • Location Greenland
  • Duration 7 Months