Celgar Shutdown - Valmet

Project Details

Gisborne was contracted by Valmet to remove the internals in an existing digestor and then install new ones at the Zellstoff Celgar Pulp and Paper Mill located near Castlegar, BC .  The removal and installation of the digestor parts was to take place during a scheduled shutdown of the mill.  There were approximately 1000 workers taking part in hundreds of simultaneously scheduled shutdown projects.

Scope: Gisborne cut out all the existing digestor panels and plates from within an existing 200 foot tall tank and removed the parts through a 30" manhole. Gisborne also cut in 14 new nozzles, 10 and 6 inches each, in to the existing tank walls that were over 2 inches thick. 84 new digestor panels and screens were then installed inclusive of over 2000 lineal feet of welding.

  • Client Valmet
  • Location Cranbrook, BC
  • Duration 1 months